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Telephone Contact / Telehealth

Telephone Contact / Telehealth

As you can appreciate our doctors are busy attending to other patients. If your call is deemed urgent, you will be put through to the doctor. For all other matters of a non- urgent nature, the reception staff will take a message and the doctor will return your call at the end of session.


For all Telehealth appointment bookings, please navigate to the HotDoc app and select “Phone consult” appointment type, or book with our friendly Reception staff.

You will be pre-screened prior to confirming your Telehealth appointment to ensure that you meet  Medicare’s eligibility requirements and have presented to the clinic for a face to face consult within the last 12 month period, or have been diagnosed with COVID-19, in which case you will be required to forward a copy of your positive result to Reception.

It is recommended to keep your phone nearby, ensuring you have silent mode switched off, ready for your Telehealth call from your Doctor. At times, your call may appear as a No Caller ID.

Although we aim to contact all Telehealth appointments as promptly as possible, there are times that your Doctor may run behind schedule for your Telehealth appointment. Please call Reception on 5633 2668 if your appointment runs behind schedule and we will follow up with your Doctor.

Following your Telehealth consultation, if you require documentation such as Medical Certificates or Referrals, we can email this directly to you. In order for Reception to forward your documents via email, you will first be required to send an email to reception@ashbystreetmc.com.au with your name, DOB and request. Reception will endeavor to respond with all requests as promptly as possible.

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