Bulk Billing Medical Centre

3 Ashby St, Trafalgar

Dr Magdy Demetry

Dr Magdy completed his medical studies at Cairo University in 1988, one of the leading universities in medical studies in the Middle East. He worked as a general practitioner until 2013 when he migrated to Australia with his family. This provided him with experience necessary to provide an outstanding approach to patient care and treatment planning.

He practiced medicine for 25 years passionately believing that it’s not only a job but a method to establishing genuine relationships between patient and practitioner based on trust and empathy.

He received his Australian Medical Certificate along with all the requirements needed to practice in Australia in 2018.

He also works as a tutor to help overseas doctors in completing their overseas studies.

Whilst being interested in many specialist fields in medicine including paediatrics, ENT cases and psychiatry, he has chosen to pursue future work as a general practitioner as it allows him to focus on holistic medicine and greater patient interaction.

Outside of medicine and his work as a tutor, he enjoys spending time with his family and his two daughters. His hobbies include reading, playing chess and he is also an avid stamp collector.

As well as English, he is also fluent in Arabic.

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