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Dietitian – Minh Nguyen

Dietitian – Minh Nguyen

Dietitian – Minh Tham Nguyen

Minh is a qualified Accredited Practising Dietitian. She strives to provide simple and friendly advice to her clients, and stops at nothing to help her clients reach their wellness goals.

Minh is experienced in a range of health conditions including weight management, chronic disease management, gastrointestinal disorders and pediatric nutrition issues. She also loves the nutrition detective work required to solve people’ food sensitivities, allergies and food intolerances.

Minh always uses evidence-based techniques to provide individualised nutritional interventions to her clients which fitting into their lifestyle and family needs. She ensures clients are assessed and evaluated regularly to review if recommended approaches are working for them.


3 Key Reasons Why Nutrition Health & Wellbeing is the perfect team to support you:

  1. We have a high level of training & we strive to achieve results
    2. Positive, caring & people
    3. Prompt & comprehensive feedback & reporting

We Accept: Private Referrals (Private health insurance rebates applicable for those with extra’s cover)

EPC, Eating Disorder Management Plans (New and Reviews): Mixed billing

NDIS, DVA, TAC, Workcover

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