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3 Ashby St, Trafalgar
Hearing Tests – Mrs Jo Ross-Jackson

Hearing Tests – Mrs Jo Ross-Jackson

Ashby Street Medical Centre works in conjunction with Jo Ross-Jackson Hearing Centres providing our patients with onsite hearing tests.

The room that is used for testing has been approved under the Hearing Services Accreditation Scheme 1997 (the scheme), and Ashby Street Medical Centre meets the appropriate requirements and we are now listed as an accredited Hearing Service Provider by the Office of Hearing Services.

Jo’s caring staff provide a high quality range of services, from comprehensive hearing assessments through to fitting and maintenance of hearing aids.

They are an Independent, original family owned company. They source their hearing aids from many manufactures, so they have a far wider range than most other providers. Their Client’s needs, budget and lifestyle are their first consideration.

If you’re interested in having a hearing test done, please see our friendly reception staff to organise an appointment with one of our Doctors who can then write a referral for you to have your hearing test done.

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