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Dr Elham Adibi

Dr Elham Adibi

Dr Elham Adibi graduated from Iran in 2015 and worked as a Family Physician in Northeast Iran prior to migrating to Australia. After successfully passing the Australian medical exams and participating in several courses and workshops, Elham began working in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne in July 2019 before starting to serve the community in Rural Victoria in 2022.

Elham is a passionate and competent general practitioner, familiar with the Australian clinical settings. She can establish rapport with patients and communicate effectively with people from various cultural backgrounds. She has been providing comprehensive Australian general practice services since she commenced work, especially in ongoing women’s health services.

She adopts a patient-centred approach to healthcare, emphasising preventive measures and health promotion with active patient involvement. In her spare time, Elham enjoys hiking, playing basketball, and travelling.

Note: Dr Adibi does not consult on medico-legal issues, fitness for duty, fitness to drive, WorkCover, TAC, or long-term opioid use cases.

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